Friday, June 28, 2013

Guest Post-Jake's Dream Vacation

Guest Post By Ayme
I just got back from drinks with my friend Jake, and I have to say I'm totally jealous! He shared with me his experiences while on vacation in New Zealand. It was a trip of a life time for him and he's wanted to go for forever. I didn't know much about this country myself, but he really filled me in on all the details about why traveling to this county is such a great opportunity.  There are a ton of really unique things about New Zealand that I didn't know.

First and for most is the unspoiled scenery. The beaches, mountains, lakes, rain forests are all pristine and untouched. Imagine being able to visit all the above mentioned landmarks in the course of just one day. In how many parts of the world can you boast being able to do just that?  Overwhelmingly Jake was thrilled with the native New Zealanders and their warm and inviting attitudes. They welcome tourists and are more than gracious to visitors to their homeland.

Of course with any vacation destination, the climate is always an area of concern.  New Zealand  does have all four seasons, however no matter what time of the year you choose to travel the climate of this land is quite pleasant, adding to the advantage of this destination.

I was really surprised when Jake told me that his dream trip almost was completely derailed. Just a few weeks before he was ready to take off for this once and a lifetime trip he was side railed with an unexpected Home Insulation repair. It took a bit of a hit out of his vacation fund, but was an important thing he needed to take care of. After a bit of brainstorming he decided to get a quick payday loans to help off set the repair cost so he could still make his trip. He said the process was quick and easy and is a great resource for people who might now have the greatest credit and might need unsecured loans for bad credit. Anyway the trip was a success, and was a thrill of a life time. Now he can't wait to go back, but I made him promise to take me with him!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jennah and Her Man

Guest Post by Jennah

So I have a special day that I want to celebrate with my man and I really want to do something different, unique and well sexy of course. We've got a great evening planned out and reservations at a fantastic restaurant to look forward to, but I wanted to add some well pizzazz  to our special day. So I started looking into some overnight arrangements that well offered some more unusual and awesome amenities.

With Executive Fantasy Hotels I can get that awesome experience. They have some great options for my special night that will definitely surprise him. Some of the great things I've selected for our special night are the following private secured parking, I know that sounds simple but it's a big deal for my man to know the wheels are secure when he's not with them and of course privacy.  I've also secured a location with a private pool, yep no having to deal with kids dive bombing and splashing us while we hang out at the pool.  I also love that I can get a theme room. Yeah I know it may sound silly but it's kind of interesting to take it the next level with an Egyptian themed room. Let's just say I will be playing the part of Cleopatra !  Oh one last thing I forgot to mention---the fantasy shower, yep you know those great big showers big enough for both of's definitely going to be a weekend to remember. So the next time you are going to be celebrating a special day, or well just any day with your partner consider renting from Executive Fantasy Hotels. You won't regret it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Designer Look for Less

I've always been a fan of house design magazines. All of the beautifully decorated rooms make me green with envy. I know that I can't afford every single piece of furniture that is featured in all the designer rooms, but achieving the look is easier than one might think, even on my budget.

The first step is to find a retailer that offers a vast array of designer inspired pieces on a budget that works for many. One great way to achieve the look your looking for is to use a resource for custom design services to build your inspired masterpiece rooms.

In no time at all you can find all those unique and perfect pieces to help create the perfect look you are aiming for. Get a designer look without having to pay the high cost of a personal design team. It is possible to get the look you are aiming for on your own, then step back and enjoy the view knowing you did it yourself, and for less.