Saturday, November 15, 2008

You said What?? Yeah who fucking cares

Doug over at Putting the F Back in You, sent me an email the other day, seems he was checking his stat counter key word analysis and found this little gem...

Search Term
4 66.67% doug
1 16.67% kat822 is a bitch
1 16.67%

But what was even more entertaining is what I found when I actually googled
Kat822 is a bitch.....

Sweet my web nemesis is living up to her reputation

So I decided to look at my key word analysis and came up with some interesting stuff of my own ....
1 0.99% dad.fuck.litter.boy ---whoooooooh what the hellz

1 0.99% mark stebbins ferndale blog ----what the fuck this is my blog wankers, look at me damn it not mark stebbins!

1 0.99% have you ever seen your roommate jerk off? --- ok why do I get these search results? I've never blogged about anything remotely near that, oh wait there is that one post ..damn it.

1 0.99% dog shit neighbors --- glad to see I am not the only one with this problem

1 0.99% thongs ride-up-in-the-crack --- seriously is this an issue people, it's a thong

Ok people share your weird key word analysis