Thursday, May 21, 2009

Been There Done That

I was shopping one day in Kohls with my daughter, when we turned the corner heading to the little sluts in training department....I mean the little girls clothing department…that’s when I smelled it. That smell that instantly transported me back to my youth, to my glory days. Well they were far from glory days but it did remind me of a lot of my teenage years. Yes that unmistakable smell of jellies, seems those odoriferous petroleum smelling soft jellyfish like sandals that you could smell coming a mile away are making a comeback.

Now I wasn’t born in the eighties but I did graduate from being a kid to becoming an adult during that decade, well in theory I did. But it got me reminiscing about that time and the things we all thought were so cool as teenagers and young adults.

Sadly I can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off or when he was simply talented and not a freak of nature.
Seeing every brat pack movie, and wanting to desperately be like Molly Ringwald’s character in the Breakfast Club, but more resembling the Ally Sheedy’s emo character deep down.

But the clothes…..god I loved the clothes, what the hell was I thinking that this shit resembled anything but cool. And no Greg I didn’t wear the Madonna wanna be slut clothes like you think, (at least not while I was in the company of my mother) but I have to admit I was a fashion diva, at least I thought so.

Izod shirts with the little green alligators worn with the collar up, does anyone even wear idoz shirts any more?

A banana clip in my hair with one of those slap on wrist bands to match my outfit, oh yeah I was stylish. Don’t forget to roll up the bottoms of your splatter painted jeans, and throw on a pair of white ankle socks with your jellies, or your feet would smell from here to eternity by the end of the day.

Yes the eighty’s were good to Kat, seems like a lifetime ago. It was the decade with some good memories, seeing my 84’ Tigers win the World Series in Game 5 with my Dad was priceless. Growing into my body and who I wanted to become in life. Choosing a major in college, and going on to not regret that decision to become a teacher one day in my adult life. Yeah good times…. However, no matter how much those jellies look tempting to me I won’t be caught dead in them. I am happy having my memories, good and bad of my youth and not anxious to relive them. No going Back to the Future for this girl, I’m living large in the present.