Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Collector

 Thanks to Jeremy for this guest Post
There are lots of hobbies that people partake in during their lifetime. As a kid I collected a vast collection of marbles during my youth, I had so many of them that I actually was able to trade for the coveted steelies and cat’s eyes that helped me to win so many of those backyard marble matches during my youth. Now that I’m an adult the marbles have taken a back seat to another hobby, collecting coins. Although I do have to admit I do have a few of my favorite marbles still displayed in a glass mason jar in my den.

Collecting coins is a great hobby that not only brings me joy, but also is an investment.  I not only derive pleasure from finding the perfect coin to add to my collection, but I’m growing the wealth of my hobby at the same time. There are many advantages of taking up this hobby as coins of all value are available on the market, and it is possible to find coins from just about any time period. Another great thing about collecting coins is that you can get started on a relatively low budget, as your income increases with age, you can continue to invest in coins at an increased increment. 

I began my collection by deciding to invest in Great Southern Coins Silver Maples.  Right now silver coin collecting is in popular demand. Precious metals have always been a great investment, and honestly most people think of gold when they think of precious metals, but guess what, silver is also a very desirable metal to invest in.  By buying silver coins and investing in silver you have the opportunity to own a rather under-valued and increasingly scarce asset,  one that could explode in price at any time.

When considering investing in silver coins, some of the coins with great long term potential worth are that of the Canadian Wildlife series. This series started in 2011 with the wolf  coins and are limited to a million coins per issue. They also have issued coins depicting grizzly bears, cougars, and my next purchase the moose.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teachers Can Learn Too

As an educator I am fully aware of the need for learning newteaching strategies to keep pace with the best practices in research.  Teachers and administration that are proactive in setting aside time and effort to grow professionally are best equipped to educate students effectively.

The subject of math is one area in which strategies for teaching are constantly evolving. Research in this area suggests that student interactive activities help students to build bridges of knowledge that can be connected with prior and new knowledge.

Grouws and Cebulla (2000), state students can improve achievement levels when they are given authentic opportunities to discover new knowledge through practice. By implementing and using programs such as Motivation Math students are able to develop such skills in the classroom. Using resources such as the ones found at will enable you to build your professional development skills, and become the best educator possible 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Not what I'd hoped for

It's really amazing what time can accomplish. It can mend hearts, clear the mind and put things in perspective. Some say time heals all wounds, I am not sure that is completely may put a band-aide on the weeping wounds but there are still little fractures that on a bad day begin to ooze with emotions and the the next thing you know you are right back to square one. The loneliness, pain, and angst of former trespasses that are felt deep in your gut. Time, yes it has a way of working on the soul, but not always as we hope. It's not what I'd hoped for