Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh... Now you are gonna burn in hell fo sho

They say that politics, especially elections bring out the worst in people. That was evident to me quite painfully around quarter to elven last Tuesday night when I had a conversation with a friend of mine. I am not sure you'd really call it a conversation since I was not able to get a word in edgewise. Yeah imagine that...someone out talking me.

Of course this person's emotions were running high as it was becoming quite evident that their choice of candidates was not going to win. Now I know I'm not going to agree with everyone's politial views, and that's fine and expected, but I wasn't prepared for one of the arguments, or should I say accusations that was made concerning my vote that was cast that night.

The comment in question went something like this...."You know Kat Obama is Pro-Choice".

Yes I am aware of that, however I don't feel you can base your choice for president on "one" single issue alone. That coupled with the fact that I personally feel that Roe v Wade will never be overturned in this country, ever.

"Well by casting your vote for him tonight you are responsible for contributing to babies being killed, you will be held responsible, and judged for that"

WHooooooooh, WTF, last time I checked I wasn't writing support checks to the the local abortion clinic. I am sure most of you have figured out I am personally against abortion, I feel it's taking a life, plain and simple. But I don't have the right to judge others for the legal choices they make. I've sat in the abortion clinic with a friend as she made that choice, and I've witnessed the aftermath of such choices. Regardless of the degree there are ramifications of such a decision , I've been witness to that. Regardless I think nothing less of this person and am grateful I have never had to walk a mile in her shoes.

But as far as being "personally" responsible- I don't agree... Look I am the first to admit I'm a sinner, hell (see what I mean) I'm sure my hommie J.C. is shaking his head and rolling his eyes at me about every 30 seconds. I'm not perfect, I admit it, but when it comes to sins I've asked absolution for....baby killer is not on that list. I'll leave it up to you imagination what will be though....Later wankers gotta go Father Fitzpatrick is holding the confessional booth for me.

Before You comment! Disclaimer: This post is not an invitation to debate the moral or political aspects of abortion. I know what my position is, you know what yours is, and I am not trying to convince you in anyway to agree with me, and personally nothing you say to me or I could say to you will in essence sway any one's opinion...so let's leave it at that.