Saturday, December 29, 2007

Red Neck Christmas

That's right parents you might want to cover the kiddies eyes when you drive past this lovely dipiction of Rudolph and one of his other reindeer friends being hung upside down from a tree and gutted.....what is it they say? Oh yeah... you can't fix stupid.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Conscia Mens Recti

I’ve said in my blog before that my Dad introduced me to this game I love called baseball when I was six years old. And I don’ t exaggerate when I say “l Love This Game”. I really do. But I am also old school, I feel in love with the game and a team, when there were genuine players that played because they loved the game. I know some of you don’t get it, but there is a difference …and if you are a baseball fan and you have never experienced it or witnessed that then you have missed out on something unique.

I grew up loving the game during a time when the players were accessible, when you could go to batting practice at the park and actually talk to the players, get autographs, write them letters and they actually hand wrote you a letter back. I remember winter autograph appearances where you didn’t have to pay to get your baseball signed, the players did it for free, imagine that today... When the field was filled with young players who paid their dues on the farm teams and earned their way to the big field. They made Detroit their home both during the summer and the off season. That’s what I mean about being old school.

I think, well I know baseball has changed since my induction to the game at the tender age of six. And I think the biggest thing is the lack on integrity of many players. Simply defined integrity is playing the game with moral uprightness and honesty. I think there is good evidence of the lack of said characteristics in any game, just read the newspaper or watch ESPN and examples of athletes lacking integrity and morals and how it affects their life on the field and in their personal lives.

Maybe I am naive, but I simply believe that if you have integrity as an athlete you will be able to walk securely, and in turn you won’t be the topic of scandals, rumors or gossip, or better yet named in a 400 page plus report by a certain ex-Senator. Athletes who decide to cut corners, gain an advantage, in essence cheat, yes I said CHEAT, will not only be discovered but will pay the ultimate price……loss of credibility and integrity. I mean in the end it’s all we’ve got….I strongly feel they are words that should hang over the locker of every professional baseball player.

For what seems like an eternity, we’ve had to hear about the stories of Bonds and his alleged steroid use, and honestly I am sick of hearing it. Not because I don’t care but because it’s like beating a dead horse. But now he has company in his House of Roids….I am actually surprised and relieved by the Mitchell Report. Surprised that there were only 80 names listed, and relieved that only one of my boy’s was accounted for , although I knew he’d show up.

But overall I feel sorry for these men who despite their deceitful efforts, gained nothing….because in the end their word, character, and integrity have been tainted along with all their record breaking feats. And according to this old school girl, a man’s word and integrity is one thing you can’t buy, is not easily repaired and sure as hell can not be injected.

The best we can hope for is some scar tissue and a vague memory of the pain.

(The Title is Latin, yes, I took latin, google it to see the translation)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Someone is Stepping On A Crack Somewhere

More like stomping on them... why? Because my back is killing me.So much that I had to go to the ER for a shot of morphine on Sunday. Which by the way that stuff provides for a mighty fine high. Now I know why people can get addicted to that shit. You certainly don't feel any pain that for sure.

However it also lovers my IQ about 60 points making me borderline retarded and totally unmotivated. Lucked out Monday and got a day off work because of a snow day and took Tuesday off to recover. So by Wednesday I was pretty much strung out on drugs just trying to make it through the school day with out falling asleep, rambling incoherently or drooling on myself...I for see an MRI in my near future...ugh

I went to the chiropractor Monday got an adjustment and felt a little better, took some more drugs, got another adjustment on Thursday and feel good as new. Some say that chiropractors are quacks, but right now, I think mine should win the Nobel Peace Prize...What? If Al Gore can win one so can my Chiropractor!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

How NOT To Start Your Weekend

By getting a call from your Assistant Principal an hour into your weekend break telling you that one of your students who spend the day in the office was hauled out of school the last hour of the day in Handcuffs by the police.

And if that wasn't enough, that you need to set up a meeting with your team, the school psychologist, social worker, school liaison officer and parent for Monday Morning. Oy Veh
Somedays I hate my job.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Which is Funnier?

Getting decked by a fan or...............................................

Getting a nut job from your team mate and having it photographed and spread around the world by evil bloggers like myself............

My vote is the nut job of course

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Hanukkah

Happy First Night of Hanukkah

Saturday, December 01, 2007

You Know It's Cold When...

You are sitting in your house wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and you pull the hood up over your head, I know just turn the heat up right? Well considering I am breaking the bank on all the christmas lights I have plugged into every wall socket, I can't exactly afford to crank up the heat.

We are getting the first real snow fall of the season tonight...just wish it would have come tomorrow night..god I need a snow day!

A Thought to Ponder....

admit it you chuckled just a little, or maybe you cringed..either way you reacted