Monday, January 28, 2008

Remind Me...Why Do I Come Here Every Day?????

Oh yeah, I love my job. Wish it were true lately, but it's not. No lately I hate my job. Last Friday in particular was one of those days when by 3rd hour I needed a stiff drink, and make it a double while you are at it. Where is my flask when I need it?

I don't know if it's cabin fever or what, but my student's behaviors have been completely terrible the past two weeks. Unless you've hung around middle school students lately, and in particular one's with special needs, I don't think you can completely understand what I deal with on a good day let alone a bad one. Now I am not just talking that my students are slow to learn, that is the least of my problems, no I am dealing with bi-polar, schizophrenic, and emotionally impairments on top of the learning disabilities. It can make for some tough days.

Just when I think the day can't get any worse I am delivered the news that I will be getting a new student...not just any student, but the worst behaved student in my grade. Adding him to the current crazy mixture is going to be nothing but disastrous.

Now I am not one to give up on a kid so easily, in fact I am usually the one last shot for a kid to get his shit together. I usually have success with even the most hard-core students. But I am felling like I 'm being set up to fail with this kid. He already has a file that is 5 inches thick of documentation of his ill behaviors beginning on the first day of kindergarten though this year.

He already has a parole officer and has been hauled out of school in handcuffs by our liasion officer. Oh did I mention I teach in a "Public" school? Who'd of thunk hugh? The principal as warned our team of teachers that this kid would blow one day before the end of the school year, unfortunately I have a bad feeling it's going to happen in my class. He's got one more chance this year, if he messes up once more he will begin his carreer of incarsaration by going to the juvinile detention center.

I'm trying to be optimistic here but I am afreaid this is going to end badly, thinking he's gonna go out with a bang----I just pray that involve the need for handcuffs or an ambulence. Or more importantly me being hauled off in an ambulence. Yeah I am really loving my job today, now you know why I sooooo need my summer vacation.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

If Only Rubber Soled Shoes Weren't So Fugly

I think I have an electrical vortex field around me. I know a weird way to start a post, but humor me for the all of three minutes it take you to read this post. I've never had any luck with electronics. I'm on my third laptop in less than 4 years, all scumming to some form of major electrical meltdown.

Now my Ipod hates me...yeah joined the crowd and my Parents bought me one for Christmas. Its the New Nano with video..not that I will ever figure out how to get any porn on there. So much for porn on the go. Anyway, love it.. well when the fucker works that is.

Basically it has been a pain in the ass since I took it out of the box. First it didn't want to sync, then out of the blue the screen whited out. I could listen to music however couldn't read the menu which well made it difficult. So I call Apple support and get a very peppy operator named Krissy to help me reset the little fucker. Finally I can read the menu, well I could if I was bilingual that is, yeah the damn thing reset to Fucking Chinese!

I asked my new BFF Krissy how the hell that could have happened and she replied "Heck if I know", not too encouraging when the so called professional can't explain that one. To rub salt in my wounds she adds "I have never in my 6 months at Apple ever encountered such a weird problem." Ok, maybe she's not an expert, but she has 6 months more experience than me with this technology, and I prefer the term quirky Krissy, telling me my Ipod is weird is giving me a complex. So the Ipod stayed fixed all of ten minutes and went back to wigging out immediately, but made a miraculous recovery the next morning and seems to be working fine since.

But getting back to the whole electrical vortex thing...I really think there is something to it. Greg said I should do an experiment to text it. Something about a light bulb, licking my lips, and a battery....(ok that sounded a bit freaky) I'm not Bill Nye but I think he's trying to pull a fast one on me. Of course part of me wants to believe him and get some scientific evidence to my hypothesis, on the otherhand, this is the same guy who convinced me to ask the cashier at the grocery store if I could sample groceries before I buy them. I wonder if Einstein struggled with such issues? Damn I just gave myself a shock, see what I mean now?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bargin of the Day

Saw this advertisement today at the bottom of the page on yahoo sports......think someone has some wishful thinking lol.

New York Mets Playoff Tickets
For a limited time only all Mets Playoff Tickets are reduced.

All I can say is a fool and his money are soon departed....yeah the smack talk is starting early.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

WTF? Part Two

Barry Bonds in Drag.....ok that is just fundamentally wrong, nice ink Barry.

Who'd of Thunk

Let's see....... show your bitchy side one night, and shed a few tears the next and what do you get?.......The New Hampshire Primary evidently. Personally I didn't think she had a soft side...go figure.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Can I get an Amen?

Ok, so I was in Walmart the other day….yeah I know that’s where I made my first mistake..but anyway, I am strolling through the junior department and that’s where I found what well, I don’t even know, cant even describe it…there are no words for this….well actually it speaks volumes really………..

And this is what it says……….
Hi, Mom, you know, I'm 13 years old now and I've decided that selling my pussy is the direction I'm leaning to take with my life since you obviously don't want me to be happy because you refuse to buy me a cell phone. Like, whatever! With the help of messages like this courtesy of America’s favorite retailer, I know the important things in life, like, cool clothes and cash, cash, cash. And, in the end, I gotta work the snatch to get it. Oh and there are some really cool clear stripper shoes in the shoe department too, I mean everyone is wearing them Mom.
Seriously what has raising a teenager girl come to when parent’s goals are to keep their daughters off the poles? I feel sorry for you Greg, be strong man, and keep the guns loaded!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Yes Revenge Can Be Sweet

Ran across this during my ritual Sunday night Post Secret habit, OK obsession, I admit it I am hooked on that site, I even got the book "A Lifetime of Secrets" for Christmas. Anyway laughed my ass off when I read this one..............