Sunday, December 14, 2008

Man I am gonna miss ya Georgie boy...well at least making fun of ya

So I am watching the news today and of course dubya was in the spotlight as I am sure you’ve all seen with his whole shoe flinging incident in Iraq. The fact that he had shoes thrown at him was not so disturbing to me, after all it is considered on of the highest form of insult in that country, so that makes sense I guess. No, what disturbed me that the guy was able to chuck not one, but two shoes at him before he was tackled, and not by the secret service but by other Iraqi’s in the room.

I mean a good three seconds go by from the initial flinging of one shoe to the final fling of that last, and then another three seconds before the Secret Service come strolling through the door behind him….I am thinking the past eight years with old George has shaved a few points off their IQ. It doesn’t give me confidence in their ability to protect our next president.

Oh and hell I think Dombrowski needs to make a call…… that reporter had some heat on those shoes and his aim was pretty good, we can use another consistent righthander on the mound in the ghetto.