Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Reason Some People Shouldn't Have Pets

I am completly against people who spends tons of money on their pets, buying them doggie jogging suits and designer outfits, there is something just wrong about it all together, however I have to admit some of these fucknut owners do have some creativity when it comes to torturing their pets at Halloween.........just take a look at these dog owners that have either too much time on their hands or too much money if their wallet

I have to admit this one is my favorite, I mean if you are gonna dress up dogs at least have a sence of humor about it...

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Life As A Teacher –A Ten Minute Snapshot

Why only ten minutes? Because I’m certain that’s all it’ll take for you to get the picture. First hour is as good as any place to start. Two minutes before class starts I get an email that a parent is coming in at the end of the hour to pick up progress reports for her son. No problem, print it off and send it off to the office, call the rest of my team and remind them to do the same. First Fire of the day extinguished.

Next it’s Meds and Roll call. Never heard of such a monster? It’s when I take roll and also check to see who is benefiting from a little help from their friend. I’ve got 3 kids on ADD and Anti Psychotic/Anxiety drugs in this particular class. Not taking the time to ensure that those jagged little pills are swallowed will certainly spell disaster later in the day.

So I begin—Amy? -“here” –Meds Down? “Yes”
Tommy? “here”- Meds Down? “No” ---ok go to the office and take them
Jimmy? “here” Meds Down? “I don’t need no stinking meds!”
Yes you do.
“NO I DON”T!!! I hate that crap it makes me a zombie.”
You need it so you can be productive Jimmy, go take your meds and be prepared to do the tongue test so we know it went down otherwise we are going to have wrap it in a piece of cheese like you do for Fido and rub your neck till you swallow it.

“Fine I’ll take my freaking meds, but only if you take some anti-bitch meds and get off my ass!”>insert door slamming and stomping down the stairs. Wow a new record two weekend words in one sentence, good job Jimmy.

Sometimes I think I am just Nurse Ratched, dispensing little cups of happy pills to my students in an ill attempt to stave off them shanking me or another student the first chance they get. Unfortunately this year, I think it’s inevitable , drugs down or not.