Monday, February 19, 2007

Making a Difference One Impressionable Mind at A Time

This is National Make a Difference week... You know when you are supposed to do an unselfish act for complete strangers. Not being one to be left out of this national feel good movement I stepped up to the plate today.

Yep spread some valuable knowledge to the undereducated, you might say "Kat you do this everyday in the classroom"...yes this is true and well I am paid to do that, so it doesn't count. It's kinda like a paramedic saying "hey I saved life today" it's your job.

No this was a random act of sharing my vast wealth of knowledge to the unfortunately dumb..well I wouldn't say dumb just uninformed. So as Simon would say "off you go" or in other words get on with it.

I stopped at the gas station at lunch time to buy a snack and as I was checking out a little girl about 8 yeas old came up to the counter and announced to me "I'm buying coke and mento's so I can make an explosion".

That's where my good deep came in. I bet you're thinking I tried to discourage here attempts at making a dangerous projectile rocket right? Nope- Instead I told her that it wouldn't work unless she used "Diet Coke"

Wouldn't want that cute little munchkin to be all disappointed when she go home now would I? No, instead I gave her valuable knowledge that could lead to possible eye injuries or even brain damage....Part of me was hoping my name badge wasn't visible and I'm not brought up on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, or child endangerment.

OK I don't think I really made a difference today......or did I? Who knows I may have just encouraged a young mind to pursue a career in chemistry, yeah right.