Monday, May 11, 2009

Counting Down

I have exactly 21 days left of school this year, hell where did the time go. As much as I need the break I have to admit that I am really going to miss my students this year.

They are such a quirky bunch of kids, and well I just love them to death. They are the first group to really "get my humor" and well I don't know.... as much as they annony the hell out of me at times and insist on telling me every little off the wall thought that comes into their head, I will miss them.

So as the end of the school year approaches, I am already looking forward to next year, thinking about how I will do things differently, what lesson plans I want to try out, getting my supply list ready for the fall.

But this year is going to be a little bitter sweet for me, and I just might be a little flaclempt when the final bell rings on the last day of school and they trample over me leaving, to run like hell to the busses. Run Forest Run, ok that was mean, but well it was funny so sue me.

Yeah it's gonna be a little emotional, but I am sure I will get over it that first morning I don't have to hit the alarm button at 5 a.m.