Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Incomplete List Of Good Things

In no particual order
The smell of a freshly bathed new born baby
Not having to set the alarm clock
Freshly washed sheets
A warm towel when you step out of the shower on a cold morning
Watermellon Jolly Ranchers
Feeling comfortable with self-contradiction
Bald heads
The feel of a good pair of jeans
Anderson Cooper in an Armani Suit
Black High Heels
The Detroit Tigers
A Large Diet with Light Ice
Grey Hair on Young Men
Good Fiction
Taco Bells that are open til 4 a.m.
Summer Vacation
Anderson Cooper in Kevlar
Drinking a cold beer on the patio
Singing Lillybeth to sleep
Boyshorts in every color
Proudly Flying Your Freak Flag
Text Messaging
A new tube of lipstick
My students telling me they wish I were their Mom
A clean Desk
Bubble Baths
Carmel Apple Empanada's
Beer Buzzes
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Good Friends
Other People's Weddings
Hallmark Cards
Road Trips
Freedom to think what I want