Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Feel Much Better Now

I hate cowards, yes I said cowards, in particular people who belive hearsay. I work with a woman who although I would assume is of relative intelligence (and I use the term losely), completely has no common sense. Once again she takes what a student says as the gospel truth and builds this whole prosecution against me to complain about to the administration.

Supposedly to this wench I sit in my classroom all day and do nothing, and how does she come to this conclusion? She asks my Language imapired students that's how. Now in my students defense it may appear to them I am doing nothing, after all I am sitting at my desk and moving papers around, to them it looks like nothing because well that's exactly what they do all day.

But they don't notice the six inch deep pile of paperwork that I have just finished working on, paperwork that is required of my job, that I don't get paid to do at home, and they don't know that I spend an average of 2 hours a day of my own time at home on paperwork also because well there is never enough time in the day to finish it. But that't not their fault they are kids and well developmentally delayed kids at that.

So what is the bitch's excuse that runs to the administration with this little tid bid of information to complain about me's excuse....oh I guess what a student says is the gospel truth hugh?, well if we want to play the hearsay game then I have a few little nuggest of "truth" to tell you about what they claim you say about me and them. Hummm the hearsay game isn't so fun now is it?

But no I am not going to stoop to your level, I have the professionalism to come to you if I were to even take what any student says with a grain of salt. No, I form my opinions on the "truths" what I witness, and hear. I don't take the cowards way out and run to higher ups to complain about something that is totally unfounded....If I am doing "nothing" I hate to see a teacher that is doing "something". You are one to talk, making the kids correct their own tests, and papers so you don't have to drag paperwork home with you. Some of us are not as lucky, or should I say selfish, we actually want to use instuctional time to instruct, not get out of our own paperwork.
So here's some hearsay for're a cunt....must be true the kids said it.