Saturday, June 16, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

This has been my first full week off of work, and well I had great visions for what I was going to do. A little work around the house that I had been putting off because of well being completly bogged down at the end of the school year and also to finally, finally get out to see a ball game or two.

Unfortuantley things didn't work out that way, one of the reasons I haven't blogged for over a week, is that I threw out my back on Monday, yes the first day of my wondermus three months off.

And it was just plain stupid how it happened, bent over and well twisted the wrong way, wrong enough to cause my pelvic cage to shift leaving me with one hip jacked up two inches higher than the other and one leg an inch shorter than the other. Ok I am short as it is, I don't need to lose any more height.

So after a couple of days of excuciating pain, and having to have Drew help me to the bathroom a zillion times a day, I decided to get an adjustment. The trip to the Chiropractor was just plain depressing.

Now I am no spring chicken but I am also not old, but something about discussing how I am developing degenerative arthritis in my spine certainly made me feel like I should be an offical AARP card holder. When did I suddenly go from being a hip thirty something wannabe to someone who needs to sleep with an orthopedic pillow between their legs at night? All I know is that unless Farigamo comes out with an orthopedic version of their stilletos I am not going that route.

So I guess I have to sucumb to the notion I am getting older, which in reality I don't mind, I just don't want the pains that go with it. Oh well what the hell can I do, Life continues bad back and all.