Saturday, June 02, 2007

Finally Someone With a Sense of Humor!

Ok the funniest thing happened at work today. So funny I wish I had been in on the planning and pulling off of this prank, but at least I was let in on it before it happened and was able to witness the chaos that occurred thereafter.
There is this one teacher in my building who constantly throws the onions from his various lunch items in the garbage of the teacher across the hall, now normally it's not an issue but in the last couple of weeks the building has begun to heat up again, and by 5th hour her room is wreaking of onions.

She's asked him to quit doing it, but he continues to do it because hell he doesn't want his room to smell like that. Having had enough of it, she devises a plan to punk him. Give him a little taste of his own onion so to say.

Now the onion wielding teacher is handicapped and well the teacher lounge in the building is on the second floor, not very easy for him to get to. So in an effort to become handicap friendly the lounge is being moved downstairs, but not without some considerable cost to the district.

So the teacher who is getting stunk out of her room by the onions each day, decides to write a letter of complaint to the handicapped teacher from a supposed concerned member of the community, questioning the validity of his "Handicap". Now this letter went into grave detail about how he does not "appear" to be handicapped, that he must be faking and that he should be ashamed that he is costing the already financially strapped district money to address the needs of a handicapped wannabe.

OK you would have thought that you started World War III, seriously it was so hard not to laugh my ass off as he went around the building complaining in a insanely loud voice, I will sue this muther fucker. In a matter of all of one hour he showed the letter and complained with some very descriptive expletives to exactly 10 teachers, the Superintendent, both principals, even the waitress at the coney place where he gets all those onions he doesn't want.

When he went as far as to call The Union Rep to get the paperwork going to actually sue this fictional individual that's when they let him know it was really just a joke....hell they really thought he would get to the end of the letter and realize it was a joke when the word "ONION" was worked into the name of the person complaining, and each letter was in BOLD.

Anyway it was a hysterical way to end the day, I came around the corner and saw the three of them laughing, well two of them at least, the guy that got punked was not laughing, and I just smiled ear to ear. At that point, he says to me, "Kat, you knew about this too, Kat you little bitch" followed by hysterical laughter.

Look......... after working on a team of "Women" who have the personalities of nats, it was nice to laugh, and the ironic thing about all of this, I am going to be on the letter writers team next year. Oh Yes! I think I am going to have some fun! Karma sweet Karma.