Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

So this is the thing, I know this person who is in the process of getting a divorce, not like either one of them didn't see it coming. It was a long time coming and well they finally got around to bringing their jaded and bitter relationship to an end by separating and filing for divorce....but not before making a mess of it in the process.

Being the friend I am I listened to the endless accounts of how this person lost themselves long ago, how they felt abused, belittled and insignificant throughout their marriage and slowly watched them resolve to throw in the towel. It is kinda sad to watch that process I have to say, but in the end it was probably the best.

Back to the making a mess of the situation part...anyway instead of just bringing this all to a head and confronting the demise of this union, he decides to cheat. Guess he thought he had nothing to lose anyway, and well just add a little fuel to the fire to get things rolling down divorce lane. Only thing is the chicka he decided to sow his oats with spilled the beans to his wife, rut ro.

Now the wifey figured what's good for the goose is good for the gander and decided to do the humpty hump with some guy she had her eye on..keep in mind all this is going on before any papers are filed and any final decisions made concerning this marriage.

So they both stay out till 4 am prospectively fucking someone they think is the better alternative to their situation...only problem is that things aren't always what they seem or what you want them to be. Turns out the chick hubby bags is a Stripper who although seemed together on the surface, turned out to be a total alcoloic train wreck with a husband in the pen. Wow who'd of thunk that. Wifey thought she was going to get the fantasy fuck of a lifetime and only ended up getting hurt when the guy refused to kiss her goodnight and call her...ever. So my question is... was it worth it, wasn't the pain of spitting up enough that you had to throw dual adultery into the mix? What is the pain now equal, like you are even now or something?

Anyway, the couple is on their way to divorce court, living in separate homes, moving on with their lives...and well searching for new mates. Now personally I preach that you need to grieve a marriage and work out the death of that union before you go looking to fill that void...but as always my advise goes through one ear and out the other and well the guy is on match . com already answering questions looking at his potential matches and guess who's an 88% compatible match? That's right.....his WIFE, how fucking poetic is that??? Maybe they should consider reconciliation?? Just a thought.