Sunday, February 03, 2008

I Wasn't Kidding About The Whole Electrical Vortex Thing

234 WATTS Body Battery Calculator - Find Out How Much Electricity Your Body is Producing -

According to this extremely "scientific" source (tongue in cheek) I have enough power in my body to light up 2 light bulbs; wow not sure I could get two light bulbs in my mouth to test out that theory. I also could power 59 iPods, hummm damn if I could just power the "one" I have that'd be great, that sucker is forever dying on me.

Oh and supposedly I have enough electrical energy to power 1 Xbox 360, don't tell Greg that, he'll be wanting me to come to Cali just so I could charge his Xbox while he play his Guitar Hero game. I can just see me on the hamster wheel now, while he's yelling run faster Kat, I have a two minute solo coming up....Ohhhhh Barracuda!