Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It stinks in here cuz I'm the shitz, or maybe I am just full of shit

Now for something a little different.....thought I'd do an interactive post tonight and well your participation is needed.......

I think I got the best complement today regarding my blog, no, I am not talking about a review or an award or anything like, today Doug told me that he reads my blog on his iphone while he is sitting on the can taking his morning shit.

Seriously what can be more complementary than that?? Honestly I am honored that he finds my blog, morning shit worthy reading. I mean he could read anything and he reads my blog, it brought a tear to my eye really it did.... or maybe it was just the aroma of his morning log that was permeating though his ipone. Yeah I know I'm weird but you made my day Doug....

So here's the interactive part, if you have a blog what is the most complementary thing anyone has said to you about it.