Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What's the Big Deal?

So Michael Phelps was caught on film taking a hit off a bong at a friend's party.My reaction? Indifference. Does it shock me? NO.. ...Do I care? Not really. I've long thought that "athletes" should not be required to be role models, that's the parent's job.

I guess I'm chalking it up to "who cares really." It's not like he was "toking" up before race or anything. He abided by the rules of the Olympic competition, and this happened in his private life, out of the pool. Additionally, what he did was nothing in comparision with what Marion Jones did on the track. This incident takes nothing away from his accomplishments in my book. I do have to say something about it though. Smoking the weed wasn't the dumbest thing you did, having it caught on film, not too smart.

But it does make me wonder if the high from the bong hit happened to cure that annoying lisp of his. That boy is in need of some serious speech therapy..so take some advice Michael step away from the bong when there is even a remote possibility of a camera being present, and if you are able to get any new endorsement deals, stick to the print ads cuz your articulation skills suck.