Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What are the Odds?

I asked someone what their favorite song was recently and their response was a little suprizing for me, considering the gender of this person. Then I was reading some random blogs and I just happen to run accross this blog post and it was about the same song. What are the odds of that? Who know's but it is kind of funny so I decided to post it. Disclaimer***I am in No way making a judgement here, listen to what ever you want, I just think this is a funny post...ok well... it is a chick song and that is all I have to say about that, not that there is anything wrong with listening to chick music....when you are a guy...ok here's the post.


I was coming to work on Saturday and like all days I needed to get a cup of coffee. Also like most days, I went to Seattle's Best Coffee (It's Seattle's best! it's in the name). So I go and order my Large Coffee with lots of room. (Oh regular coffee has lots more caffeine and is a lot cheaper then a latte). I take off my iPod to order the coffee because it's rude to talk to people with headphones in.

The person serving me is new and there for she doesn't know me. I say hello and let her know where I work (I get a discount). After a couple minutes of unimportant chatter, she asks what I have in my hand. I tell her it's an iPod, amazed at her lack of knowledge of the super popular digital music player.

She asks to see it and immediately I oblige her to spread the greatness that is the Apple iPod. After giving it the once over, the young lady notices the screen on the "Now Playing" screen. A quick glance back it followed by, "George Michael, huh?" while handing the iPod back. I do indeed notice that Careless Whispers by Wham is playing (I have it labeled as by George Michael).

I first try to play dumb, "oh that is what's playing?" Then I try to play it off. "oh it's on shuffle." Then I just start to mumble, "uhh, yeah hmm" After that there is nothing else to do. I say, "I listen to lame music," drop my head in shame and leave the coffee shop. I grabbed my coffee but I left my pride. Be careful, when you hand your iPod to strangers. I have worse than that on there.

So fess up what secret music do you have on your iPod