Friday, August 17, 2007

My PostSecret

Back in 2005 I ran across a website that I have been totally addicted to ever since. I think part of it is because I am just completely nosey, and well part curious too. It is called PostSecrets and well once you've gone there it's kinda like a train wreck you can't quite look away. I mean we all have secrets some big some small, some embarassing, some very dark. I have to confess I have seen a few of my secrets posted by other fearless people, and well I guess it kinda makes me feel like a little less of a freak in some way.

Now when I read this blog I always walk away with a mixed bag of emotions, some of the professed secrets are down right silly and make me laugh like the mother who said she had a burping contest on the way home from ediquite class with her daughter.

Some of them are sad, like the soldier that said "the one thing that I am really good at is killing people"

Some are just plain sick, like the couple that sent in a postcard saying " I'm 45 and my lover is 21, and neither one of us care that her mother is my sister"...gross they must be from Arkansas...oh and those of you actually from Arkansas ...he's fucking his I said sick.

But really the ones that keep me coming back are the intriging ones... Like the person that sent in a postcard with the twin towers burning and scrawled the following at the top of the card: "Everyone who knew me before 9/11 thinks I am dead." I sit and wonder A) is this really a true secret, and B) if it is how can someone just disappear like that. I mean I understand the basic idea, pretend that you were killed when the towers went down, but I mean to not leave any trace of yourself, you really had to make a snap decision right there when the towers went down. Not like you could go to the bank and empty your account, that could be traced and hell you can't be withdrawing money if you are supposedly in the rubble of the tower. And hell what kind of person just disapears, and to never be able to contact your family, not one friend, essentially you have erased yourself from existance, you can't exist anymore....ok I could go on and on and on about this, but you get how this site gets me thinking.

So the title of the post is My Post Secret, now I've not sent any secrets in but as I said I see that many of my secrets are shared with others I have never met, so if I was going to send one secret in to be published this would be

Its hard to read but basically says this: I secretly wish someone would leave a baby on my doorstep......and I could keep it......