Saturday, August 04, 2007

Then Why Did You Ask Me?

Typically on Friday nights I go out to dinner, kind of stems from working during the school year and I am exhausted and don't want to cook...and well maybe an end of the week beer also motivates me too.

Anyway, getting my point here I really hate it when someone asks me where I want to go to dinner and then tries to talk me out of my choice. Now I am not talking about someone suggesting or throwing out some ideas and then voting down my choice. I am talking about when someone directly asks you where you want to eat dinner and then feels the need to tweek your decision.

Now I am pretty easy when it comes to making a choice and well usually my response is "I don't choose." But every once in awhile I am pressed to make a decision. What I really hate is when I am then required to defend my choice like in some political debate.

I kind of look at it this way, when a person is singled out to make a choice, the askee's are in essence giving up control of the decision to the person they are asking the I right? I mean I wasn't asked where should we go to eat as in lets brainstorm this idea and come up with something. I was asked where do you want to go to eat dinner. The whole process is just exhausting to me and well it's probably why I always say "you choose". So if you are thinking of taking me out to eat anytime soon, either choose for me or just roll with my suggestion, after all it's just food.