Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cruel As School Children

I asked my students to do some free writing and this is what I got from one of my students...not all my students are learning disabled in writing, actually some are quite good at it as in this example. However it did choke me up to read, sometimes I just wish kids just weren't kids, and well for once didn't do the stereotypical kid things. It's tough enough to grow up these days, but to be an outsider looking in is doubly hard. Sometimes I just want to suck the adolescent brains out of these kids and shove an adult one into them, but when you think about it us adults can be just as bad, hell just look at half my blog posts. But as adults we are "big kids" and we can take the abuse better...It doesn't make it right it just makes it what it is.

There is a fat kid who is laughed at every day he goes to school, and every day he is made fun of and everyday he goes home and cries. He's fat, he admits it . He tries to lose weight and nothing works. He has zits and uncool hair and sometimes he doesn't always smell the best in the world. He acts like it doesn't hurt him, walks by , eyes down, mouth closed. Doesn't respond to the remarks. On the outside, it looks like he doesn't care, but on the inside his stomach is in knots and there is a lump in his throat. Every time he's called a new name it slices like a paper cut. He's quite good at keeping his emotions bottled up.

When this kid goes home to his trailer park house, he goes right to his computer, where he is not ridiculed because of his physical appearance. If you were on the outside looking in, you might think this kid is kinda weird or even antisocial. But he's really just a regular kid, who wants some friends, even just one friend, who might pick him for a team just once, or not groan and roll their eyes when they are assigned to sit next to him in class. He just wants someone to ask him to his house to skateboard or play computer games,,or might just call me by my real name for once.